Fur mites are little more than annoying pests, but they can cause great discomfort. Here is a simple guide to help with identification and treatment of fur mites.


A common indicator that you have a fur mite infestation is widespread dandruff and scabby skin behind the ears at the base of the neck. Although fur mites cannot live on humans, you may develop a minor rash from handling the affected rabbit. 


Fur mites can be passed in a variety of ways, but the most common ways are exposure from attending a rabbit show, by playing in the backyard, or from other household pets, such as dogs and cats. 


Fur mites can be treated with cat/kitten flea powder or a shot of 1% Ivermectin. To treat with cat/kitten flea powder, give your bunny a dust bath once, then retreat 10 days later. If needed, a third application can be given 10-14 days after that. If using 1% Ivermectin, you may give it topically, orally, or via a subcutaneous injection at a rate of 0.018 cc per pound. After the first use, give again 10-14 days later and you may give it a third time after another 10-14 days.

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