Rabbits and hot weather don’t mix. As your bunny’s care-giver, you need to make sure you properly care for them as the heat increases this summer. After the temperature gets above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, heat stroke, which can cause death, becomes a serious problem especially in areas of high humidity and for young, elderly, or overweight rabbits. To prevent heat stroke, here are a five tips to keep your bunny safe and cool this summer!

Tips for Keeping Your Bunny Cool
  1. Water is one of most important aspects to fighting heatstroke and keeping your rabbits cool. Make sure your rabbits have unbarred access to cool water throughout the day and make sure they are consuming that water! One way you can increase water intake is by offering fresh veggies recently rinsed in cold water. If you need help identifying safe plants, check out this article.
  2. Although this may seem obvious, providing adequate shade for your rabbit throughout the day is extremely important. If their cage is not already in a place that receives at least four hours of shade in the afternoon, consider moving it somewhere that does. If you allow your rabbit to run around in a playpen outside for an extended period of time, it is also important to make sure that your provide a shady spot for them to cool down in.
  3. A Barn Fan or Air Conditioning is another great way to keep your bunnies cool by keeping the air moving. Here is an example of a barn fan.
  4. Give your bunnies something cool to lay against. There are several options, but the most reusable and sustainable option is a ceramic tile. You can let these sit in the fridge until they are cold, and then you can place them in your rabbit’s cage for them to lay against. Here is an example of a cage with ceramic tiles built into the top floor: https://thecapecoop.com/building-a-raised-base-for-a-rabbit-hutch/
  5. Although not quite as long-lasting as tiles, Ice Cubes are another great way to keep your bunnies cool. Freeze a batch of water in large container (can be as simple as a cup, tupperware container, or bowl) and place them in your rabbit’s cage as necessary. For a fun little toy, freezing fresh greens inside the ice cubes will induce your rabbits to chew and lick the cube, increasing their water intake as well as stimulating their minds.

Hopefully, by utilizing a few of these tips you and your bunnies will have an amazing and cool summer this year!

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