Unlike the bright, gaudy colors and awkwardly shaped toys that usually fill the small animal section, these elegantly designed toy balls from Rosewood have a natural aesthetic that at first sight makes them appear to be a part of your home decor. Not only are they artfully designed, but they were clearly created with your bunny’s health and enjoyment as a top priority, using only natural, rabbit-safe materials. And at the low price of $5.99 for three balls, these balls are an amazing investment!

Durability rating: 3/5 Unsurprisingly, the Rattan Ball was chewed through first. The Water Hyacynth and Seagrass balls both lasted slightly longer, but would not last long when given to a dedicated chewer.

Rattan Ball

Sea Grass

Water Hyacinth

Enjoyment Rating: 5/5 Definitely one of my favorite toys, the bunnies absolutely adored it! Since it is not attached to anything, it is fun to throw, roll, and fling and provided my buns with a lot of exercise. The texture of the balls is absolutely amazing and they are great materials for chewing. The size (3x3x3 inches) is just right for rabbits of all sizes

Safety Rating: 5/5 No glue, staples, or wires! Completely natural and no strings or fibers that could get ingested and cause stomach issues. Additionally, because the materials were so flexible, there is no need to be afraid of the balls splintering

The Finer Details:

Price: $5.99

Company: Naturals by Rosewood

Materials: Rattan, Seagrass, and Water Hyacinth

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