A durable wreath made from a variety of untreated, rabbit safe woods, the vine ring from Oxbow is the perfect toy for a voracious chewer. At almost 10 inches across, this ring is the perfect size for medium and large rabbit breeds as well as for any of the rambunctious dwarf breeds.

Durability rating: 4/5 Although Twilight, the test bunny, chewed through it in a little under 10 hours, I still give it a 4 out of 5 because it is very well made and would last much longer with an average bunny.

Enjoyment Rating: 5/5 It might have just been Twilight’s highly obsessive nature, but she positively adored Oxbow’s Vine Ring! She spent hours chewing it and flinging it across her cage. It is a great toy for mental stimulation and chewing, a great prevention measure against Malocclusion!

Safety Rating: 4/5 No glue, staples, or wires! Completely natural and no strings or fibers that could get ingested and cause stomach issues. However, once it starts to unravel, there could be some sharp points that may need to be blunted to ensure that an eye doesn’t get scratched during playtime.

The Finer Details:

Price: $3.99

Manufacturer: Oxbow

Materials: Mixture of rabbit-safe untreated wood

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