A fun, natural toy to hang up in your bunnies cage, the Enriched Life Roll Arounds were a favorite! They were the perfect size, easy to hang, and there were no metal hooks or wires. My Minis loved to chew on them, making these toys a good mental stimulate.

Durability rating: 2/5 Because the balls are made of hay, they are not durable, lasting from two days to over a week. The perfect toy for a moderate chewer!

Enjoyment Rating: 5/5 All the bunny test-subjects (except one, but she doesn’t like any toys!) enjoyed playing with this toy. The balls come in a variety of textures, so if your bunny is not a fan of one, you can try another.

Safety Rating: 5/5 Made out of completely natural materials without glue, staples, or wires, the Enriched Life Roll arounds were a hit! I was not worried about my buns injuring themselves, making this toy great for unsupervised play.

The Finer Details:

Price: $5.99

Company: Oxbow

Materials: Grass and Hay

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