The Wood Disk Dangler is made from untreated, rabbit-safe woods to provide entertainment when you’re not home. Approximately six inches long, this dangle toy attaches easily to a cage with a wood hook, which is definitely a win when it comes to safety. This toy is the perfect size for all rabbit breeds.

Durability rating: 3/5 Although the wood disks are tough, most rabbits will quickly chew through the natural, rabbit-safe cord. But the disks will last a long a time, and can be restrung with any other rabbit-safe cord.

Enjoyment Rating: 5/5 It might have just been Twilight’s highly obsessive nature, but she positively adored Oxbow’s Vine Ring! She spent hours chewing it and flinging it across her cage. It is a great toy for mental stimulation and chewing, a great prevention measure against Malocclusion!

Safety Rating: 5/5 No glue, staples, or wires!

The Finer Details:

Price: $4.99

Manufacturer: Oxbow

Materials: Mixture of rabbit-safe untreated wood and rabbit-safe cords

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