• Litter box: you can use a small cat litter pan, or you can buy one specially designed for small animals at the pet store, or just get a cheap $1 plastic container at Walmart with a low lip.
  • Litter: you can buy paper litter, wood chip litter, or just use straw/hay.  (I prefer the straw/hay because it is cheaper)
  • Newspaper: use it to line the litter box. This makes the rabbit litter box easier to clean.

Basic Instructions:

  1. Identify where your bunny goes to the bathroom: Almost every rabbit has a place where they go consistently every time. You can usually tell on the third day img_1407.jpgafter buying your new rabbit where they choose to go potty.  (But, there is always the rogue bunny that pees wherever they feel like it. I have had one of these….and I will tell you it takes way more work but you can still litter train your bunny.)
  2. After you identify, prepare: Prepare the litter box by putting newspaper in first, then filling it up about ¾ of the way with the litter of your choice, and finally place the box in your bunny’s cage/hutch.  
  3. Check the litter box: Check the litter box in a few hours to see if the box is tipped over. If that is the case, turn it over and refill and then attach the litter box to the side of the cage somehow. If you don’t see any wet bedding or feces, get some and place them in the litter box to show the bunny that this is where they go. Again, wait a few hours and check if your bunny has pushed the box away and is now going where the litter box used to be; in that case also attach the litter box to the cage somehow.
  4. Refill: Refill the litter box every 3-7 days, or whenever the box seems to be full or stinky.  

Here is how to speed up the process.

If you have any questions or issues email me here.

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