If you want to speed up the litter training process, try some of these extra add-ons:

  • If you bring your rabbit inside every day or every other day, you can use that time out of the cage to aid and speed up the process. Put the litter box in the house in the same corner where it rests in the cage. (i.e. if your bunny goes in the left back corner, put it in the left back corner in your inside bunny play area) After you bring the bunny in, watch your bunny closely and whenever your rabbit starts to pee on the floor, pick it up and place it in the litter box.
  • Another thing you can do when your rabbit is inside is to spray your bunny with a cheap water gun whenever it pees outside the litter box. Warning: If you have a skittish bunny–a rabbit that backs into the corner whenever you try to pick it up, or seems ill at ease–don’t use the water gun. (The water gun could freak your poor bunny out)
  • To make sure your bunny is going in the litter box in their cage, you can place old newspaper on the floor of the cage. Check every few hours to see if the newspaper is wet and then place the soiled newspaper in the litter box. This will help your rabbit understand that they need to go to the bathroom in the litter box. 
  • Give your bunny a treat every time you see them go in the litter box for the first week or so. Just make sure the treat is something small though, like a piece of lettuce or a tiny slice of carrot. Don’t feed your rabbit too many treats because it will make your bunny fat. So feed with caution. 🙂
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