Day Old:

Blind, deaf, and naked, the kits are no where close to being able to defend themselves. But just because they can’t see or hear, that doesn’t stop them from moving and kicking. Be very careful when you pick them up to check on them that you securely cradle them with both hands.

First Week

In this first week, the kits undergo one major change; they go from completely furless to being covered in fur.

Second and Third Week

These two week are two of my favorite in kit development. In the second week, both their eyes and ears open. They are now beginning to become more and more active and respond to voices and sounds around them. And by the third week, roughly from day 14 to day 18, the kits will venture out of the nest box and begin to explore their cage.

Fourth Week:

This is a great week to begin to let them outside in a run or in your house. They are adorable and hoppy and theirs ears are beginning to flop. You must be careful, however, when carrying them as they are still very fragile.

Fifth Week

This is an exciting week! You are now able to deteremine gender.

Sixth Week

Your baby bunnies are now gradually slipping out of their baby stages. Their bone structure and looks have begun to take on that of adulthood. From now on, they are practically tiny adults, though for most, they still have a bit longer till full weight.

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