We are a CLOSED farm!
Which means we do not allow anyone to come pick up without an appointment or come into our rabbit housing areas to protect the health of our animals!

Before buying a Mini Lop from us, please make sure you read and understand the full sales policy. It has some important information that you as the buyer should know!
Thanks for reading.

*Please Note:
We do NOT deliver at this time! If you choose to use a transporter any and all issues with the transporter is not our responsibility.

BUT — There WILL be occasions where we will offer our transport services on certain routes. Transport is an extra cost and you have to meet us along the route in which we are traveling.

1. All sales are final.

2. We require AT LEAST a deposit to hold the rabbit of your choice, which will be $30. The total cost of the rabbit depends on the potential show quality.

3. Deposits are non-refundable.

4. We do not knowingly sell any sick babies, our babies will be healthy to the best of our knowledge when they leave the farm. We are not responsible for their health after it leaves.

5. We are not responsible for any vet costs after the animals has been sold.

6. We have the right to cancel or refuse a sale for any reason. If a deposit has been paid after WE decide to cancel the sale the deposit will be refunded
(*that is the only time a deposit will be returned!*)

7. All animals are purebred unless otherwise stated.

8. Most of our Mini Lops come with a pedigree unless they are pet quality. However, you have to request  to receive their pedigree.

9. Please bring your own carrier at the time of arranged pick up

10. If you decide you do not want the rabbit after putting a deposit down, please let me know that circumstances have changed so that I can offer the bunny to someone else.

Thank you for your business. We truly appreciate it!!

For more information, do not hesitate to send us a message.

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